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Are you one of the many who have been mis-sold PPI?

The Stanton Fisher legal team have many years of experience in financial claims and know exactly the practices financial institutions have employed in order to sell payment protection insurance policies (PPI). Although these policies were supposed to protect their clients, in many cases the banks made more profit from selling the PPI than they did on the loan itself. So not surprisingly, financial institutions have been overselling or mis selling and in many cases forcing the borrower to take out payment protection insurance. 

Our experience means that we will deal with your PPI claim efficiently and effectively meaning that you will get the maximum compensation in the shortest possible time. 

As a recognised expert in financial claims we have handled tens of thousands of claims relating of the mis selling of financial products such as payment protection insurance (PPI), interest rate swaps and investments. Our history of success speaks for itself and many of our clients have been awarded substantial settlements.

We work alongside established law firms to ensure that should your claim be rejected we will fight on your behalf to give you the greatest opportunity of success. Our team of experts are always working hard behind the scenes to get your case processed with ultimate efficiency, but above all else, our main priority is to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation entitled to you. 

It costs nothing to find out if you are due compensation. Stanton Fisher operate a ‘no win, no fee’ service, which means you only pay a fee if we are successful in claiming for you. Our average compensation payout is over 3,500 and our largest payout in Ireland was over 14,000, so if you have been sold a policy, don’t delay, call the experts on 01 437 0150 or fill in our claim form.

Some of the reasons you could be due compensation...

  • Did you understand what you were buying?
  • Was the PPI policy appropriate for your needs?
  • Were you told that PPI was optional?
  • Were all of the exclusions outlined to you?
  • Were you asked about health or employment status?
  • Did the PPI cover the full term of the loan?
  • Was it explained exactly what you were buying?
  • Did you try to claim but were turned down due to exclusions in the policy?
  • Were you told the policy was compulsory?
  • Were you self employed at the time?
  • Did you feel pressure to take the cover?

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